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'Worn by You' with Lauren Shepherd from Hunters & Heels

'Worn by You' with Lauren Shepherd from Hunters & Heels

Lauren Shepherd Hunters & Heels


I am very excited to write that we have the beautiful Lauren, author of, an aspirational and heartwarming parenting and lifestyle blog, answering our 'Worn by You' questions today. I've been following Lauren's instagram account for well over a year now, and just love every single image she posts. Her oldest son is the same age, minus one day, as my son which is lovely, and it's clear to see from her feed and stories that there is a lot of love in the Hunters and Heels household.

With over 15 years in the beauty industry Lauren always looks fabulous, and with two boys under three, I want to know all her secrets on how she achieves this! Lauren not only lets us into the secrets of her wardrobe, but also key beauty trends for Autumn / Winter and the must-have products for any tired Mamas out there.


How would you describe your style?

Ooohhhh I've always really liked classic things, but I think my style has evolved a lot since becoming a mum. A few years ago I wore heels every day, clip-clopping around the city Monday-Friday. I wore lots of cream and nude and accessories were always my jam. 

Since the boys arrived, and we moved to the countryside, I want to be able to chase them around the park and dash from one play date to the next. I still love classic things, but I'm a lot more casual now. Wearable, practical and good quality pieces that won't date quickly will always be my favourite. So I guess I'd say my style is casual but also very simple. 

What are your wardrobe staples?

  • A great pair of skinny jeans with a regular ride. My low-rise days are over! 
  • A Breton stripe top. I think they always look chic and they're practical too. 
  • A good quality white Oxford shirt. Again, you can't  lose. 

What's your most loved item in your wardrobe?

This would change ALL THE TIME, but currently it's my new wool tweed coat from Joules. I feel like it was made for me! 

Hunters & Heels Joules Coat              Joules Cheltenham Herringbone Coat

Would you say your style has changed since becoming a mother?

100%. Running around after a toddler and breastfeeding has made the changes you'd expect. I'm also much less indulgent than my pre-motherhood self. I don't mind splashing out on something I love, but I have to know it's good quality and practical too. 

What's your favourite store to shop in and why?

Joules. It's just the perfect style for where I am in life right now. All those Breton stripes, great quality jeans etc. I also love their colourful raincoats and wellies...two things every mum needs in her life. 

Do you have a celeb style crush?

Ooohhhh tricky!! I just love Kate Middleton. She’s so chic and effortless and still manages to look elegant in her flat boots and jeans. I do love how Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston always Look so effortless. I also love how Rosie Londoner (blogger) dresses for special occasions. I think I really just like bits and pieces of celebrity styles that kinda makes up my own. 

kate middleton hunters and heels              jennifer anniston hunters and heels               gywneth paltrow

Are there any fashion trends you are loving for Autumn / Winter?

Tweed! Give me all the tweed!!

With over 15 years in the beauty industry are there any key makeup trends that we should try and master for Autumn / Winter?

There will be loads, but personally I think Autumn is the time to enjoy those richer darker tones that don't always work in the lighter months. 

Plums and berry shades always look gorgeous on lips and nails. A bit more wine in your brown eye liner. I think it looks good to strengthen your brows a little and step up the coverage in your base make up too. 

What are your top five beauty products for tired Mums?

If your tired, sometimes less is more. Focus only on products that plump, lift, pop, brighten and define. 

PLUMP: Bobbi Brown Extra eye repair cream







LIFT: Bobbie Brown under eye concealer

BRIGHTEN: Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser or Tinted Balm


                 Bobbi Brown extra eye repair cream     Bobbi Brown creamy concealer        Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser

 POP: A fresh blue based blusher like Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Pot Rouge

DEFINE. The blackest Black Mascara like Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara


Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge                        Bobbi Brown eye opening mascara


Finally, who should we be following on instagram for style and beauty inspiration?

Rosie Londoner is my guilty pleasure. She's in her twenties, no kids and a very large budget but I always feel inspired by her glamorous lifestyle. She's cheerful and funny and I enjoy living vicariously through her blog and Instagram while I argue with my two year old over the shape of his toast. 


Rosie Londoner instagram account


Now, aren't they some great make-up tips! Check out Lauren's blog as well as her instagram feed @huntersandheels which is just dreamy. She's also just launched a new You Tube channel which includes insider beauty tips, as well as videos on her parenting journey.

Happy Friday everyone.

Much love,

Becks x



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