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'Worn by You' with Me! Becks from Boo Chew

'Worn by You' with Me! Becks from Boo Chew

Becks from Boo Chew

I thought this week we would change things up a bit, and have me answering the 'Worn by You' questions. A sort of 20 questions, get to know me a bit better, but with a focus on my fashion style.

I love getting to know the person behind the brand, so hope you find this vaguely interesting!

How would you describe your style?

My day-to-day wardrobe is very laid back. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, and love to 'dress-up' my outfit with make-up, accessories or shoes. However, If I'm going somewhere fancy I like to wear a dress, or a pretty lace skirt with a classic top. So to sum-up I'd say i'm urban by day and prim and proper by night! Basically, I have a lot of styles, depending on my mood. I'm a complex being. 

What are your wardrobe staples?

  • Jeans - all the way! So versatile, hard-wearing and you can dress them up or down
  • Breton stripe - I mean, who doesn't love a breton stripe. It feels like I've made more of an effort when I wear a breton top than just throwing on a t-shirt
  • Shirt - Any style of shirt, striped, patterned, spotty! I just feel like I'm a much smarter version of myself with a shirt on

What's your most loved item in your wardrobe?

My leather jacket. I've not got a cool biker jacket, but I love my black leather jacket, I think it was from Asos Curve. It goes with everything and I love how it can make a super girly, ditsy floral dress look a hundred times cooler, just by throwing it on.

Would you say your style has changed since becoming a mother?

Not one person has answered no to this question. I think the reality is that before children you didn't have to make your outfit choices based on whether you'd be doing army rolls in a soft play centre, or sitting on the floor for most of the day playing with Duplo. My style is pretty much the same as before though. I worked in a really laid back office, so I could wear my jeans and t-shirt combo freely there. However, I rarely wear skirts or dresses during the day anymore as it's just not feasible with a two year old!

What's your favourite stores to shop in and why?

I love Cos, H&M, good old Marks & Spencers and ASOS.

Cos because I think the quality is excellent for the price point, and I love the simplicity of the designs and the cut of their clothes is so good. 

The others are mostly due to offering a great price point, and varied amount of styles and plus size offering. I can update my wardrobe regularly and not have to worry too much about the cost.

Do you have a celeb style crush?

Not really. But I do have a celeb crush and that's Jennifer Lawrence. I just love her! She seems super down to earth, funny, totally beautiful and such a talented actress. Plus I love how she's a bit of a tomboy (I'm not), but her dress sense is quite laid back, but then she totally rocks that pretty / womanly look when she's on the red carpet.

For style inspo I look to bloggers / stylists on instagram. Which leads me into the next question nicely!



Where do you get fashion inspiration from?

Instagram! I get all my fashion inspo from the grid. I absolutely LOVE Erica Davies and The Frugality. Everything Erica wears I just adore.

My guilty pleasures are also beauty bloggers / youtubers for style inspiration such as Estee Lalonde, Lily Pebbles and the Anna Edit.

Are there any fashion trends you are loving for Autumn / Winter?

All the chunky cosy knits, you really can't go wrong with a chunky knit (unless you are commuting and then it gets way too hot). And if those chunky knits have a fluted sleeve then it's a winner all the way. I'm also loving the burgundy and red tones. My favourite colour in our aw17 range is our new tawny port bead, which is taken straight from the catwalk. Such a great colour for the season that's why I've incorporated it into so many of our necklaces this season. 

ASOS chunky jumpers

Let me know what you think of the 'Worn by You' series in the comments below I'd love to hear from you. And if this is your first time reading this blog series, go check out some of the other interviews we've done featuring Lauren from Hunters & Heels, Hayley Southwood from Southwood Stores, Lucy Knights from Born at Dawn and Jen Fuller from Etta Loves.

Much love,

Becks x

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