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For every Luna necklace sold, £3 goes to PANDAS, a charity which helps parents who are suffering from post and pre-natal depression.

Post-natal depression affects 1 in every 7 mothers. But too often, those who suffer from it feel like they are suffering alone.

The Luna necklace is a chance to show your support for those with PND. Whether you are or have been personally affected by it, or if you know someone who has. It’s a chance to show that we are in this together.

The Luna design represents the two phases of the crescent moon. The waning crescent moon symbolises getting rid of negative energy in your life and the waxing crescent moon symbolises growth, wishes, hopes, intentions. 

If you are personally experiencing PND or finding motherhood tough, wear your Luna necklace with pride. It is a way of saying you want to take control. To free yourself of the sadness and negativity you’ve felt in the past and to acknowledge that there is hope and happiness there for you in the future.

If you know someone who has or is suffering from PND then wear this necklace to show that you are there to listen, to support.

Luna is a sign of solidarity, of no judgement, of positive light. 

Luna is made from 100% food grade silicone, like all our baby-proof necklaces. Necklace features a black satin nylon cord and matching breakaway safety clasp.

Designed to be worn by you, our necklaces are made from baby safe materials so that they can be happily chewed on by Boo. Our necklaces can also double up as feed beads, helping to keep your little one's hands busy while you feed. 

Please visit our Safety page for more information regarding the safety of our products. 





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