BECKS: Owner, Creative Director & Captain of the Boo Chew ship

I’ve always been a lover of the power of an accessory. For the past decade the statement necklace firmly has my heart, making my jeans and t-shirt ensemble acceptable office attire. I couldn’t accept that just because I was a mother, I had to wave goodbye to my fashion saviour! It was clear that my cheap, metal necklaces were just not safe for Noah to grab, they scratched, small parts could fall off and had the potential to break when those teeny hands got to them. Fast forward a few months when teething came in and say hello to Boo Chew - the perfect hybrid of stylish, outfit making accessory and functional teether for the Boo. 

Let's get personal: I am a little obsessed with makeup and expensive skincare. Statement jewellery and some makeup is what I deem as dressing up (even if I am still wearing jeans, converse and a breton stripe). I love dipping toffee crisps into tea, but will also fight you for the last pistachio macaron. I love musical theatre, singing, a good boxset, a project to get my teeth into and David Boreanz (that guy who played Angel in Buffy).


NOAH: Chief Product Tester and Inspirer 

I started teething around four weeks apparently, so the Mum Boss tells me. Before teething necklaces and bangles, everything went into my mouth, except teethers, you know, things that were actually made for teething. I loved a finger to chew on (just not my own), my toys were always a good chew and any plastic bottles or things lying around in the kitchen, they were the best. Since Boo Chew, I've made it my mission to test all new products, bead shapes, bangles and teethers that are made and designed for you all (always under the strict supervision of Mum Boss). 

Let's get personal: I like chewing, dribbling (just not what comes with it, teeth), and balls. I like throwing balls, pushing them through slots, kicking them, rolling them, balls are my thing. Cats are pretty cool too. Anything in the snack bowl I will always want over home-cooked food and my best friend is called Monkey and I drag him around everywhere with me. That's what best friends do, right?


JAMES: First Mate, Chief cook & Bottle washer

As you can read from the description, not only am I Becks' first mate, but since she's started Boo Chew I've taken on the role of bottle washer and cook. I am occasionally asked questions regarding the day-to-day running of the business but I quickly learnt that these are all rhetorical questions and in fact Becks does the opposite of what I recommend. So chief bottle washer it is then.

Let's get personal: Love football, and being Welsh, rugby runs through my veins. Like my son, I love balls too, but let's leave it there shall we.


In all seriousness, thank you so much for visiting Boo Chew. I hope that you all love Boo Chew's necklaces and products as much as I do making them. My little family unit really appreciate all your support, as I chase the dream of flexible working to fit around our wee man as well as hopefully bringing you some joy too. 


All our love,

Becks, Noah & James